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Choosing Happiness

This book by Alexandra Stoddard has brought me much Joy over the years!

Here is a beautiful passage that will help anyone live a more beautiful and meaningful life.

I learned a great deal about fully enjoying the moment from my friend, boss, and mentor, Elenor McMillen Brown.  Mrs Brown was born in 1890 and died five days shy of her one hundred first birthday.  Her famous advice to the designers who were devoted to her and her firm:  “If you create beauty for your own life, if you create beauty for others’s peoples’s lives, you will live a long, healthy, happy life.”  Mrs. Brown never rushed.  She was organized, disciplined , and available to fully appreciate each experience as it unfolded before her.  I was fifty-three years her junior, honored to work at  her side and experience close up how much love, care, and thoughtfulness went into everything she said and did.  As an interior designer, she taught us that we should develop our talent and skill to always make things more beautiful, more harmonious, more cheerful and charming.

This is an encouragement to all of us, to slow down, enjoy beauty around us & live in the moment!

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