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I Love My Little Kumquat!

photoMy Kumquat tree is bursting with fruit! I love this tree. It graces my kitchen each winter and gives me a delicious fruit in February.

I take it outside in the summer, give it some plant food and it blossoms with tiny white flowers that have the sweetest floral scent.

When the flower falls off and a tiny green bud appears, it grows into a small 1 inch fruit that turns bright orange when it is ripe.

If you’ve never tasted one, be prepared, they are sweet and sour all at the same time. It’s always fun to share a piece with a friend and to see their reaction…. My daughter- in-law, Heidi, thought it was too sour, which was obvious by her face and another friend tried to peel it like an orange.

Actually, the proper way to eat a kumquat is whole…Just pop it in your mouth straight off the tree! Absolutely Delicious!

In China, kumquats are good luck. During the Chinese New Year kumquats are presented as the most important tradition to usher in the New Year. Their tiny green leaves symbolize wealth and the shape is their symbol of unity and perfection. In their tradition, everyone who eats the fruit will be insured good fortune, prosperity and happiness.

Check your local nursery for flowering trees that will bring life into your home and provide a delicious treat!

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