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Spring Flower Basket!

Spring Basket!

These Johnny Jump ups, also know as Violas, or Pansies only cost $1.67 a 6 pack at my local garden center!

I used 3.  So for as little as $6 and a bread basket and a bit of moss I created a table centerpiece!

Its easy.  First you need a basket.  You can use a bread basket or any shape, I like the long one as no planting is necessary, just pop the 6 pack in.  If it is too long just take your scissors and cut 2 or more off the 6 pack.

You can use any flower really.  These Voilas in deep plum and yellow centers are so colorful and have a happy presence!

Now add some moss.  I like Spagnum moss, but you can use spanish or reindeer moss also.  Use the moss to cover up the plastic packaging.  Just remove and water as needed.  These should last indoors a few weeks.

Great floral basket for your Easter table!


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